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React Native macOS (ex react-native-desktop)

Build macOS desktop applications using React Native and Cocoa.

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Getting Started

Node 4.x+, OS X 10.10+ required.

Previous React Native experience is highly recommended.

$ npm install react-native-macos-cli -g
$ react-native-macos init MyProject
$ cd MyProject
$ open macos/MyProject.xcodeproj


Since React Native macOS is just a fork, you can follow the same instructions on the React Native Documentation.


React Native macOS is a fork of React Native for iOS. The library is still fairly new so proceed at your own risk. There has been no successful story for any React Native macOS application yet, so it's not proven by production use.

Community Help

Feel free to ask anything on #react-native-platforms channel on Reactiflux if you happen to run into problems.



UIExplorer includes a set of component examples that illustrate their functionality. It also allows you to load external JavaScript bundle files through HTTP. Simply copy and paste a URL into the Search Field.

Download UIExplorer

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Video Demo

Running a simple Chat app in React Native macOS.

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